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The Power of Product Photography for Your E-commerce Business

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, if so, what are your product photos saying?

I absolutely love Branding for new entrepreneurs. There’s something really magical about building the foundation for a new business and mapping out all the intricate pieces that will turn that business into a real brand.

Unfortunately, most of the new product entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with are not only struggling with Branding, but with their imagery as well.

In fact, even after providing thorough Brand Guidelines and Strategy, some of them have still struggled due to a lack of appealing imagery. Why is this?

Because we as humans are visual beings. We make most of our decisions with our eyes first. We eat, date, wear, and buy what we are attracted to visually. We may later find out that it wasn’t actually good to/for us, but we tried it because it caught our eye.

This is why product photography is so important for your e-commerce business. Since you don’t have a storefront where potential customers can come in and examine your products closer, they will rely heavily on photos to tell them whether or not this is a product that they want, need and will enjoy.

Yes descriptions play a part in this decision making process too, but online, especially on social media, we see imagery before we see copywriting.

Imagine if you and a “competitor” have the exact same product, with the same description, price, everything. The only difference is your photos.

They have beautifully styled images that show how the product will look in their home, as well as closeups that highlight all the intricate details of the product. While you have a couple poorly-lit photos of your product laying on a table.

You just lost a customer. Now imagine how many times a day that happens? How many customers have you lost?

The truth is, as shallow as it may be, you could win or lose a customer simply based on how well you showcase your products in your photos.

This is exactly why I started offering Product Photography with my Brand Coaching. I didn’t want my clients to gain so much from our time together, but still be at a disadvantage because they didn’t have the proper imagery to support their new Branding.

In fact, as we prepare for the holiday sales season, I’ve put together a special product photography package to give you the perfect imagery for your social media and online store. Together we’ll create a holiday sales strategy that highlights specific products with an irresistible offer.

To take advantage of this holiday package, click here and get on the list. It’s first come first serve, so don’t wait.

Want some tips to enhance your DIY product photography? Watch this YouTube video.

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