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3 Tips for Great On-brand Photoshoots as a New Entrepreneur

If you're not doing Brand photoshoots for your products, then I'm genuinely wondering why not? Brand photoshoots are basically content creation days. You can use that time to not only take general photos, but campaign photos, record how-to videos, reels and even BTS videos. So many possibilities. The best part, is even if all you do is take pictures, you just gave yourself content for weeks, and even months. I understand that hiring a photographer may not be in the budget, so here are 3 tips to help you have a great on-brand photoshoot at home, or wherever you decide to do it. Plan out your shoot before you get started.

Success is in the preparation. If you go into your photoshoot without Brand Clarity and a clear plan for the day then you're bound to miss the mark. Even professionals plan their photoshoots ahead of time. Check out today's Instagram post for a list of all the things you need to know in order to have a successful on-brand photoshoot. Your Ultimate Brand Planner will be perfect for getting all these details in order. The right props and location go a long way. Based on the season you're shooting for, your Brand Voice, your style and of course your upcoming campaigns, be sure to choose props and a location that will help capture your vision as best as possible. Your products will act as additional props too, so don't forget about them. Get about 10 props, your product (s), and mix them up for a variety of photos. You'll be surprised how many photos you can take by moving props around and changing camera angles. If you're at home, take photos on your workspace, a styled area, your sofa, your bathroom, and anywhere else that fits your Brand. EDIT, EDIT, EDIT!!!! Once again, even professionals edit their photos before delivering them to their clients. Choosing the perfect preset will give all your photos a uniform look, and it could even make some of those questionable photos look like magic. Look at each photo closely and crop out anything that was accidently caught in the background. You can even blur backgrounds or rotate and crop photos. Photoshoots are a great way to show off your product(s), and to really make your marketing campaigns come to life. After getting all your Brand details together and mapping out your marketing campaigns in The Ultimate Brand Planner, you'll be ready to take amazing, on-brand photos for your business. Happy Branding!

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